WorldWide Retail Exchange and Global Sources
Welcome to the Global Sources - WWRE alliance

The WorldWide Retail Exchange (WWRE® ) and Global Sources have formed a strategic alliance to allow WWRE members to source electronically from suppliers in Asia and leverage offline market development services. Global Sources is the preferred partner and only partner that the WWRE has developed an alliance with for Asian supplier sourcing.

Under the alliance, the Asian Supplier Sourcing Program is designed to give fast, convenient access for WWRE members to consumer product suppliers in Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India and other Asian countries.

The program provides WWRE members with a set of unique web-based tools and services specifically developed to facilitate the sourcing process: from identifying and qualifying potential suppliers, to achieving agreement on product specifications, pricing and terms for purchase. This special program provides an advantage to WWRE members in their Asian sourcing business processes.

Among other things, the program will allow retailers to reduce their sourcing cycle time, find better and more innovative products, reduce fees paid to agents and brokers and improve the quality and depth of their Asian supplier base.

The first step in the Asian Supplier Sourcing Program is the web-based 'My Catalog' tool for merchandisers and buyers. This proven sourcing tool gives access to all critical information needed to support the sourcing process.

Update on services…

'My Catalog' has been upgraded several times since its initial release. It currently includes special features such as a one-click supplier comparison table, ability to send a single inquiry with file attachments to multiple suppliers, and full access to Global Sources’ extensive supplier database.

'Private Sourcing Events' are an effective way for WWRE members to meet pre-selected suppliers in a series of private meetings at one of several locations across Asia. Global Sources facilitates these meetings by helping identify experienced Asian suppliers based on the WWRE member’s key requirements and also host the meetings at a Global Sources office. Retailers save considerable time and expense, and maximize their business trips to Asia.

'Vendor Summits' are a special opportunity for individual WWRE members to meet a group of 50 select suppliers during the China Sourcing Fairs, which are organized by Global Sources during April and October. These large and growing trade shows include many suppliers from all over China and other parts of Asia, and a wide range of merchandising categories including consumer electronics, gifts & home products, and DIY-home improvement products. These Vendor Summits are arranged in dedicated conference rooms within the trade show venue, which offers the retailer the full benefit of sourcing at a large trade show in addition to this smaller, focused business meeting with a group of experienced suppliers.

An important opportunity for suppliers

The members of the WWRE have a combined annual sales volume of over US$1 trillion. Through the Global Sources - WWRE alliance, Asian suppliers gain a new and exclusive marketing opportunity to reach WWRE buyers. Suppliers with a Marketing Website on Global Sources Online will have immediate and automatic exposure to these participating buyers as they use the online tools to search for qualified suppliers and new products.

About the WorldWide Retail Exchange

The WorldWide Retail Exchange (the WWRE) is the premiere Internet-based business-to-business (B2B) exchange in the retail e-marketplace. Utilizing the most sophisticated Internet technology available, the WWRE enables retailers and suppliers in the food, general merchandise, textile/home, and drugstore sectors to substantially reduce costs across product development, e-Procurement, and supply chain processes.

The WWRE® is the premier Internet-based business-to-business exchange for retailers and suppliers. Designed to facilitate and simplify trading between manufacturers, retailers and suppliers, the WWRE® currently consists of members from Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South America with combined sales of over U.S. $1 trillion. To date, the WWRE® has saved its members over $1.5 billion through the use of online negotiations, its first product offering. For more information, visit the website at or

For more information, visit the website at
The WorldWide Retail Exchange (the WWRE) is the premiere Internet-based business-to-business (B2B) exchange in the retail e-marketplace.